The Library as integral part of the College owes its history from the growth andDSC_4578 development of its parent institution. The library offers information needs for students, lecturers, researchers, and practicing professionals within its institutional composition.

The current status of the institution as a College of Nursing and Midwifery behoves that there is a library catering for information needs of students, lecturers and other practitioners within the clusters/units/departments of the College. Library contributions to the college development cannot be over emphasized. The library has been able to provide conducive environment to students and staff of the college. Presently the library is fixed with air conditioners which were installed to make the place cool and comfortable.

The library collections have grown and are still growing to the extent that new collections are being acquired while obsolete books are being weeded out from time to time. As part of the global shift from hard copy information prints to electronic- based information, the library is planning to subscribe to a number of electronics data bases consisting journals, monographs and reports to supplement the existing e-books in the library.

The College Library is located in a bungalow building adjacent to the Administrative Block of the College. It is organized into following departments namely: (i) General administration, (ii) Collection Development/ Acquisition Department (iii) Technical Services Department (iv) Reader Services (Lending) Department, (v) Reference/ ICT Department (vi) E- Library Clusters.

The library is a friendly place to be. I welcome you to the Oyo State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Eleyele, Ibadan Library. 

S.O. Awotona                                                                                                                                           College Librarian.  





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