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Good morning/afternoon, I want to use this opportunity to congratulate you on the feat you attained in the last weeding examination conducted by the College. It is not a mean thing to come out top of your class, once again we say congratulations.

Can we know your name?

Answer: My names are YUSUFF Khadijat Adewumi

Can you relate to us what your family background and early childhood was like?

Answer: My family background is a nice one. My parents especially my father contributed a lot to the success of his wards. He stays with my siblings and I at night after reading to be sure if we had achieved anything since he was a PHILOSOPHER. My mother also being an ECONOMIST teaches us how to economize our precious time. In my early childhood, I have always being the best student in my class. My dad got me engaged with things above my age to widen my thinking faculty.

In secondary School, what is your best subject?

Answer: My best subject was Biology

What is your favourite pass time? Or how do you relax?

Answer: I relax by lying down, meditating within myself, think over what I have read and sleep.

Who has been the greatest influence on your life?

Answer: God has been the greatest influence on my life.

At what stage of your life did you develop interest in Nursing?

Answer:  I developed interest in Nursing since childhood.

What stimulates your interest in Nursing as a profession?

Answer: My interest in nursing as a profession was stimulated by my urge to render care and empathy for the sick.

Ever since you came into the College, what is your general impression about the school?

Answer: I was impressed a lot by the standard set by the school as a lot of people had an erroneous impression that the College is for dullards but level of intelligence has been very high. I assumed the school to be an epitome of knowledge.

How much reading do you do?

Answer: I read for at least 3 hours a day.

Is your reading strictly for academic purpose or you read for pleasure?

Answer:  I read for both academic purpose and pleasure.

Who were your favourite Author and what is your favourite Title?

Answer: My favourite Authors were Benjamin Carson and Cecil Murphy and my favourite Title is “THINK BIG”

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What was your secret or methods in achieving your academic feat?

Answer: The Secret was that apart from what is being taught in class, I visit the Library to consult necessary texts to have full understanding of the topic or course we were taught in class.

Also, I listen with rapt attention when my lecturers deliver their lectures in class. I also ask questions on vague parts I noticed in my studying.

Talking about the Library, what has been the Library Staff attitude to you?

Answer: The Library staff has always been responsive and cooperating as they are ready to assist in best possible ways to ensure my academic excellence.

What sacrifice did you make that you consider important to your achieving the desired success?

Answer: I sacrificed a lot of my time reading, studying and applying myself to reading. I can be termed a bookworm.

There was a maxim that says “Academic excellence is for a select few that were born smart” what is your opinion on this?

Answer:  The saying is true as academics require inquisitiveness, skills and ability to think wide. All of these mean you have to be smart so as to excel or come out among the crowd as a success.

What do you look out to achieve in not too distant a future?

Answer:  I am looking out to achieving a qualified Nurse within my tender age.

On a lighter mood, were you expectant about achieving the highest mark in the examination, and when you discover you had the highest score what were your reactions?

Answer:  Yes I expected the highest mark and when I discovered it, I was happy and give thanks to exalt God.

Have you received academic support in the College before?

Answer: NO, I have not received any academic support before in the College.

What has been your guiding principle?

Answer:  My guiding principle has always been my father’s statements like:

  1. Try to attain the peak for you will never be looked down on.
  2. Work and pray
  • Life is a challenge
  1. To be successful, you need to overcome the challenges.

What advice can you give to your colleague and aspiring nursing students?

Answer:  My advice to my colleague is that they should aim for the best and work towards achieving it. To the aspiring students, I will urge them to be focused and never be distracted.

Your parting shot …. Thank you



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