Welcome Address delivered by Mrs. G.O Owolabi, The Ag. Provost of Oyo State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Eleyele, Ibadan at the Capping and Knotting of Tie Ceremony for the set 2016/2017 Basic Nursing Student which held at Oyo State College of Nursing and Midwifery Eleyele, Auditorium._MG_7974





Honourable Commissioner for Health
Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Health
Director of Nursing Services
Principal Officers of the College
Heads of Department
Non Academic Staff of the College
Matriculating Student Nurses
Parents and Guardians
Distinguished Invited Guests
Gentle Men of the Press
Ladies and Gentlemen:
It is a pleasure to welcome you all to Oyo State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Ibadan campus and to this year’s Capping and Knotting of Tie/Matriculation Ceremony. The Nursing profession experience officially starts today for 2016 Basic Nursing set. Let me begin by congratulating you on your achievements that have led you to being here, you have distinguished yourself after successfully passing the Three months and Six months Weeding Examination. For most of you, during the next few years, you will be a part of the most prestigious academic community, the first and the best College of Nursing and Midwifery in Nigeria surrounded by lecturers, scholars and researchers and fellow students – all of whom have come to learn and to create new knowledge. In this environment, you will have enormous opportunities to deepen your education, expand your understanding of society and the world and begin a professional education that will launch your career.
Capping and Knotting of Tie marks a special milestone as new faces and new blood are injected into the College. It provides an opportunity for freshmen and women who have gained admission to be officially inducted as Junior Members into this academically stimulating and socially exciting community. The ceremony is also significant for the fact that it provides the opportunity for you, young men and women, to pledge your allegiance to the authority of the College through the administration of the Matriculation Oath, and you will in due course, be expected to sign a bond of good behaviour and accept the authority of the Management of the College as well as all other officers of the College in whom authority has been vested. You will also, by the same token, be expected to contribute your quota to enhancing the College’s image, wherever you find yourself and ensuring that you do not bring the name of the College into disrepute. The nurse’s cap means to you what the soldier’s uniform means to him. When this cap is pinned on your head, it means you have become a member of one of the noblest professions and have subscribed to its ideals of service. You are no longer merely an individual responsible for his/ her own acts; you are part of the nursing profession.
To show you the opportunities that the College affords you, let me mention a few pertinent issues. The latest performance in Nursing and Midwifery Council examination has been 100% for both Nursing and Midwifery departments. The satellite campus of the college at Kishi has successfully taken off and the award of Higher National Diploma by the College is in process and will soon take off. Permit me to add that the college has a vibrant alumni body in the Diaspora that has continued to support several laudable project on our campuses, reports all over the world about our graduate is appluadable and motivational therefore we will continue to put in our best. The college currently host adaptation training for foreign trained nurses from different parts of the world. I applaud all colleagues, students and stakeholders of the college who have enabled us attain this feat and I am sure that all of you, as freshmen, will join us to work harder to ensure that our rankings go even higher both on the continent and internationally.
The college continues to receive large numbers of applications for admission each year and admissions into the college continue to be very competitive. However, due to the limited facilities and human resources in the college, and in line with the process of recreating the college to be classified as a full fledge college we are forced to once again turn down the applications of many otherwise qualified applicants. Once again, the college is working hard to make it possible to admit more students. You have been prepared well for this day by your parents, family and teachers. Many of your loved ones have sacrificed so much so that you may enjoy the privilege of a nursing education. Honour their sacrifice by behaving responsibly and making the most of this extraordinary opportunity. Make time for social activities like scholarly lectures, sports and religious activities if you are so inclined, but do not allow these to make you lose sight of the main reason why you are here.
As I conclude my speech, I would like to remind all matriculants that your primary aim in coming to this college is to go through your chosen academic programme and graduate with flying colours. You should therefore begin with the end in mind. You are adults now, and we shall treat you as such. There is no more rising bell, no ‘prep’ and no dining time. Enjoy your freedom but use it responsibly.
On behalf of the Governing Council of the college, Management and staff, and on my own behalf, I would like to wish you a refreshing stay at the college. Once again, welcome to our community.




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